Food Photography: Breakfast


This is sample text about what I’m doing on Instagram.  Let’s see how much this blog post will display on the homepage before it gets snipped.  How about here?  No?  How about at this point?  No?  It seems that you need to type at least 150 words or more before the slider clips the paragraph… Read more »

Soundtrack Campaigns

This is a test post.

Vine Featured: Pumpkin Muffin Timelapse

  My latest Vine about some freshly-baked pumpkin muffins is on the Featured section of the Food channel.  Although I have made similar Vine videos in the past with more elaborate steps and more even pacing, the comments I received on this one is that the un-even quick cuts was interesting (and set to match the… Read more »

digital content production
  • Commenting Etiquette On Social Media Part 1

    Much as been said about commenting etiquette, and there are many philosophies.  Let’s start with the basics: commenting on blogs.  Although I don’t consider a blog itself “social media,” it many ways, it is.  After all, everything is inter-connected these days: your commenting system could be Facebook-based or allow for flexible sign in through various social… Read more »

  • Vine: 5 Featured Timelapse Videos

    Here goes some text that I think should go here and eventually I’ll be inserting in an image to make this sample template look right. Who knows what I’ll eventually replace this text with, but hopefully I’ll be more organized and maybe more prolific about sharing news here.

  • Event Photography

    This is a sample post about some photography.